Iron Galaxy at COMBO BREAKER 2024

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Keenan Moralicz
June 6, 2024
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We love fighting games and the communities that player them, so it was a no-brainer that we made our way to COMBO BREAKER. It’s a fantastic event that brings fierce competitors and old friends right into our backyard here in the Chicago area. Our weekend was jam-packed with so many fantastic moments to highlight. Here are a few of our favorites.

Just before the final 8 players butted heads on the main stage for Killer Instinct, we released a trailer for the Anniversary Edition.

Members of Iron Galaxy and Xbox Publishing smiling together for a photo

We enjoyed spectating 139 KI competitors with our friends at Xbox Game Studios Publishing.


AlexV and Wheels smiling at each other
Valoraxe and WolfSlayerNinja fist bumping one another
KI's top three competitors posing on stage with their medals and trophy
πŸ“Έ: @HelloItsLi

We watched the best of the best duke it out Friday and Saturday on the main stage to see who would take the trophy and earn a medal for KI. Congratulations to all competitors,especially @LetalisVenator, @DevilMayCare4, @AlexVazco, @Ajramos99, @WolfSlayerNinja, and your #CB2024 KI top 3, @WheelsFGC, @ValoraxeFGC, and @SonicDolphin117.


An image of Keits and ZipMasterFlex at the commentator's desk
Pictured:Β @ZipMasterFlex and @TheKeits

We listened to our very own Adam Heart hop on the mic with various members of the KI community for on-air commentary.


An image of the top 3 competitors of vampire savior posing with their medals and trophy
πŸ“Έ:Β @CarltonBeener


An image of the top 8 competitors of street fighter alpha 3 on stage
πŸ“Έ:Β @Pskelly86
Kieran P in competition for SF6

We supported some of our own in their bracket runs in Street Fighter 6, Vampire Savior, and Street Fighter Alpha 3. Big props to Associate Designer Kieran Peasley for his run in SF6 and congratulations to QA Cert Specialist Mario Gomez, aka MightyMar, for securing second in both VSAV and SFA3.


An image of Iron Galaxy team members enjoying fighting games

To top off an already full weekend, we enjoyed some fighting games.


An image of Iron Galaxy team members and friends at Combo Breaker

Much thanks to our good friend Rick, the Event Director of COMBO BREAKER, and all the COMBO BREAKER staff that made it such a memorable event. We eagerly await #CB2025 and look forward to watching KI at Evo and CEO with their recently announced prize pool bonuses thanks to Xbox Game Studios Publishing.