Killer Instinct 10 Year Update

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Keenan Moralicz
August 11, 2023
Killer Instinct 10 Year Update Header Image

EVO was great this year!

Lots of tense matches and exciting announcements came out of Vegas this weekend. We might be biased (no, scratch that, we’re totally biased), but the highlight for us was the reveal that Killer Instinct is getting an update for its tenth birthday. It was amazing to see the player reactions when our friends at Xbox announced that they've teamed up with Iron Galaxy to evolve Killer Instinct again. Our dev team is back in action! At this very moment, we’re hard at work on a balance update and some improvements to the overall experience.

Adam “Keits” Heart, our Lead Combat Designer, is excited to hop back in: “It is seriously unprecedented to have an opportunity to revisit a game five years after its last update. The massive community of active players have continued to push Killer Instinct to its limits, so we'll be consulting some of the top KI minds to make the right changes. As a total nerd for game balance, getting a chance to do another tuning pass feels like a fever dream!"

Check out the full Xbox announcement here.

We’d like to thank the KI community for their constant support. We’d also like to congratulate @NickyFGC for claiming the title in the anniversary invitational.

Stay tuned for more chatter about the project, later this year.