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Keenan Moralicz
December 7, 2023
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People come to Iron Galaxy from many industries. They bring with them all kinds of different experiences that make us a stronger team. Education, logistics, retail - you name it. Today, we have a newer face at Iron Galaxy, who’s certainly not a stranger to the studio. Their presence and impact is felt daily! Meet Carlos, a regular human achieving super dad feats.

Iron Galaxy: Hi there. Who are you and what would you say you do here at Iron Galaxy?

Carlos Nicholls: My Name is Carlos Nicholls and I am the Operations Manager for our Orlando studio.

IG: Iron Galaxy Orlando represent! What’s the most challenging aspect of being an Operations Manager in the Sunshine State?

CN: I'm responsible for the security of our studio and the safety of the people in it.

IG: Your care for our people is appreciated. What’s one skill you learned growing up that you get to use often in your role?

CN: Treat everyone like you have always known them. I try to be the friendliest face in the studio. Make my co-workers always feel welcome and appreciated. Establish a connection with each person I come across every day, whether it be talking about the theater or my latest exploits in Baldur’s Gate.

IG: That all sounds like it goes well beyond security and safety. What has been your proudest moment as a member of the Iron Galaxy team?

CN: My very first day, working in the games industry is something that was never on my bingo card. I could have never imagined where I am today, even just a year ago staring at another stack of shirts in need of folding. Even as I say this today, every day I walk in, every time someone asks me about my Iron Galaxy jacket, I'm incredibly proud to be a part of the team.

IG: That’s inspiring. What advice would you share if there was someone who wanted to follow in your career’s footsteps?

CN: Don’t doubt yourself and remember that there is nothing more important in your professional life than making and keeping connections. You never know how your actions will influence others that could change your life one day.


IG: What’s the best thing about working at a video game development company?

CN: Meeting the people that make it happen. I may not know what in the world they are talking about but seeing them do what they do and how passionate they are about it is truly a privilege.

IG: Every IG employee, including yourself, are all important pieces to the unique puzzle known as game development. What’s your favorite perk associated with your job?

CN: The ability to join playtests. I may not know how the sauce is made, but I'm a big fan of the dish. As a lifelong gamer, the ability to have my voice be heard on how we can make games better is the best of perks.


IG: Feedback from all kinds of gamers helps make the dish more appealing for everyone! How collaborative would you say you are with different teams across Iron Galaxy?

CN: Very, my department works very closely with the IT department to complete various projects and day to day activities. We also work closely with our HR department to ensure that our studio is a happy, fun, and productive place.

IG: Those are internal Galaxy Services at its core. What’s the most rewarding aspect of creating things that other people experience?

CN: Planning events that create memories is very satisfying. Seeing people have a good time that they will talk about later is quite rewarding.

Carlos posing with co-workers on Halloween

IG: What is the best impact you’ve seen a video game have on someone’s life?

CN: Video games give us the opportunity to live other lives. I can be a pro soccer player then press a button and, boom, I'm a pirate. The best example I can give is while growing up, whenever I would play games with my best friend Rayne, she would always pick female avatars. It was not until we were adults that she came out to me as a Trans Woman. Video games helped her be the person she was always meant to be, even before she was able to truly live her life as she was meant to.

IG: Thank you for sharing a story that speaks volumes about the power of games! What does work in Operations entail at Iron Galaxy? What experiences are unique to Iron Galaxy Orlando?

CN: As my college Ken always says: “Ops get it done.” I think that sums it up well. We take care of it all. Whatever you need, we got you. To answer the second question, what makes Orlando unique? Well for one, we are in Florida, which is by far the strangest state in the union and, secondly, we are the greenest team in the department. Both Jen and I have been here less than a year combined so a lot of what we do is unique because we’re figuring it out together.

Carlos celebrating the Orlando pride parade with co-worker in front of a pride decorated truck

IG: Team members around the office have heard about your passion with the television series, Twin Peaks. For those unfamiliar with the show, give us a quick summary of why it’s a must watch television series?

CN: At its core, it’s a crime drama.

Now insert David Lynch into the mix it becomes a surreal, twisted nightmare. Lynch really captures what a dream feels like. It’s strange and doesn't make sense at times.  It leaves you with a truly uneasy feeling in your gut that will stay with you forever.

IG: Noted. For those that are easily frightened, beware! What are your top five pieces of David Lynch media?


  1. What Did Jack Do?
  2. Fire Walk With Me
  3. Eraserhead
  4. Mulholland Drive
  5. Blue Velvet

IG: You previously mentioned previous work experience of shirt folding. How did you arrive at Iron Galaxy and what past work experiences brought you to work at a game development company?

CN: My old friend, Josh Deuerling, reached out to let me know that this position was becoming available and that I should apply, so I did just that! In the Retail industry, they have a saying that if you can work in retail, you can work anywhere. The more time I spend away from that world, the more I see it. In retail, you have to juggle a heavy workload on a day-to-day basis. It’s a constant business of inventory management, achieving sales goals, and if you throw a management role in the mix, then you are also the human resources department. You’re required to do all these things daily, all while being on stage, creating an inviting environment for your customers while attending to their needs and upselling them. After living in that world for 15 years, it's easy to take on other challenges, no matter how difficult they seem. Video games have always been something I've truly loved. Just being in the same building as the people that make it happen is a great honor.

IG: You have recently become a parent. Congratulations! How has fatherhood treated you thus far?

CN: It's been great and hard, oh so hard. Having a baby is something I've wanted for a long time. I was always weary in the past because my job always took me away from my family, either by having to travel to open a new store or just having to work long hours during holidays. When I hit 30, I knew I had to make the call and just do it. As a true retail warrior, my son was born on Thanksgiving, one day before the busiest shopping day of the year. I had to choose between my professional life and my family. I chose family and unfortunately, in the retail industry that is a career killer. Thankfully, somehow the planets aligned and the heavens opened to reveal Iron Galaxy. Thanks to IG, I've been able to not only spend more time with my family, but I can also give them the great life they deserve.

Carlos and his family in a forest

IG: You are not alone in that comfort Iron Galaxy’s stability provides. Well-deserved and fortunately timed! Where are you from?

CN: Miami, Florida (305 let's go!)


IG: Aside from playing video games, what is a favorite hobby of yours?

CN: I love poetry and hiking. The two really go hand in hand.

Carlos and his baby son posing in front of a tipi

IG: Complimentary combo. What’s something you feel everyone must do once in their life?

CN: Climb a mountain, cliff dive, or swim in the ocean. Do that thing that seems scary. To quote Jack Kerouac:

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”

IG: Dangerous! At least we know we can all do those options in video games. What’s something you have always wanted to create?

CN: A sitcom. I'm a true fan of the genre. Everything from Seinfeld to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. My friend and I have been writing episodes for years. We hope to have a whole season soon. Eventually we hope to make it a web series, but you know...life. 


IG: Life, indeed. What is one place that you hope to see one day?

CN: I want to see a World cup match in person, not a place exactly but that’s a dream of mine.


IG: What is one genre of games that you think is underrated?

CN: Real-time strategy.

IG: What RTS game should everyone play?

CN: Crusader Kings 3


IG: What is your favorite book or series?

CN: On the Road, this is one of the first books I read as a teen that really captured my attention and inspired my love of Literature. I've read it time and time again. I still get something out of it every time I read it. Maybe one day I'll recreate some of ole Sal's trips.


IG: What movie have you seen the most times?

CN: Happy Gilmore. I watch it every time it’s on.


IG: Shooter McGavin would be proud… wait, no, he’d disappointed in your movie choice. What is your favorite series to binge?

CN: I go back and forth between King of the Hill and Seinfeld. I could go toe-to-toe with anyone in either series’ trivia.


IG: What was your favorite movie that bombed?

CN: The Room. It is the worst movie ever made, but it's so fun to watch, especially in a group. Our local arthouse theater plays it at least once a year and I always go.


IG: What’s one superpower that you would like to have?

CN: Speaking to animals. I would probably instantly regret it but whatever.


IG: Vets would love to work with you! If you had one wish and you couldn’t wish for more wishes, what would you wish for? 

CN: I would wish that Humanity was incapable of greed.


IG: Given a time machine, which historical period would you like to experience first-hand?

CN: Post war America 1945 – 1960. I would love to soak up all the Jazz of the 40’s and 50’s, shoot some whisky in an old jazz club in New York, listening to that wild Bebop. Then the honkytonks of the Nashville scene. Next, I’d make my way to LA and soak up some Psychedelic rock.

IG: What fictional universe would you choose over our own? What if there was no coming back?

CN: Send me to Planet Dune (Arrakis). No coming back? May I rest forever in the sands.  


IG: Which historical figure would you want to show the modern world? What do you think they’d say?

CN: Let's take Napoleon to a waterpark and just ditch him there. I don’t care what he would say, but it would be hilarious.

Interesting choice and encouraging career story, Carlos! While you may be newer to the Iron Galaxy workforce, your footprint is felt all over the company. Thanks for keeping an eye on every desk neighbor in each studio, especially Orlando.

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