#MeetIronGalaxy – Rick Martinez

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Keenan Moralicz
January 25, 2024
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Hiring the right people to join a team is no easy feat. Finding the ideal candidate is a rewarding process that is so much more than just waiting for the right applicants to click a button. To help inspire applicants, aware and unaware of the wonders of working at Iron Galaxy, we rely on Rick Martinez!

Iron Galaxy: Welcome to the blog! Who are you and what do you do here at Iron Galaxy?

Rick Martinez: Hello, my name is Rick! As a recruiter, I get to meet so many talented people and look forward to seeing them join our teams. From scheduling interviews with our hiring teams to traveling to industry events or college campuses, every sent email or handshake is another chance to connect with someone and share my enthusiasm for Iron Galaxy.

IG: Thanks for being a steward of IG. What’s one skill you learned while growing up that you use to this day?

RM: Two equally important skills immediately come to mind: being organized and being able to effectively communicate. These skills will help you with anything you do, but it’s essential when you are reaching out to people and scheduling at the frequency that I do.


IG: Critical skills we all practice daily. What’s the best thing about working at a video game development company?

RM: The people! It’s so rewarding to be surrounded by so many talented and kind humans. I’ve had so many great conversations and have been a part of a lot of great moments. It always amazes me how everyone is so eager to help you with whatever you need.

Iron Galaxy co-workers Rick and Maxwell at a picnic together

IG: It’s awesome to hear your experience embodies one of our company values. What’s the one perk associated with your job that’s your favorite??

RM: The best perk is simply feeling heard, valued, and cared for. I’ll never take for granted how accessible leadership is, how transparent and open communication is, and how invested they are in my growth and overall success.


IG: How collaborative do you get to be with different teams across IG?

RM: Being a recruiter allows you the opportunity to collaborate with all of Iron Galaxy’s teams. From working with hiring managers in each department to find talent; to traveling to industry or university events with experienced team members to network or even educate current and future developers. And of course, Operations and IT are also essential collaborators that help facilitate our in-studio and virtual events.


IG: How did you start working in recruitment?

RM: I came from a primarily retail background. When I started working at Iron Galaxy in our Operations department, I was no longer treated like a number on a weekly conference call who was judged on an ever-changing list of metrics. Instead, I was treated with respect and was supported. This has continued since I’ve joined the recruiting team. I was given the opportunity to try something new in Recruiting and I will always appreciate the support I had while making the transition. Now I get to reach out to other people in hopes of being able to provide them with the same experience I had when I came to Iron Galaxy.


IG: That sounds extremely rewarding. To piggyback on your recruitment initiatives, you’ve been one of the show organizers for Iron Galaxy’s Press Start Series. For those unfamiliar, can you tell us about those and the impact they’ve had on their attendees?

RM: Press Start is one of my favorite ongoing projects. This one is unique in that we’re able to provide an interactive experience to people who may not be able to otherwise experience them due to geography or other external factors. Using Zoom we provide valuable information on how to get into the gaming industry and answer questions from people who are passionate about getting a job in games. I get to collaborate with our wonderful and talented people across Art, Design, Production, and Programming to share their personal experiences and wisdom they picked up along the way. We have been able to cultivate relationships with attendees and it’s always nice to see those familiar faces in preceding events!

IG: Cool. On a more personal note, we heard you have pets! What are their names? Are there any interesting quirks about them you’d like to share?

RM: I have two adorable rabbits, Bun Bun and Logan. I spend a lot of my time (and money!) with them. Bun Bun is mischievous, and Logan has a Napolean complex, but they are both divas.

A collage of Rick's Rabbits, Bun Bun and Logan

IG: Haha, they sound like fun members of the family. We also learned that you’ve got a musical background. What’s your favorite song to play on the bass? Any fun band stories to share?

RM: My favorite songs to play were the original ones my band and I wrote because you're less likely to notice when I hit a wrong note 😉.


IG: Clever answer. Any fun stories to share about band life?

RM: As far as the stories are concerned, going on tour is both the most fun and hardest work I have ever done. It can be an amazing experience so I encourage anyone who may have the opportunity to go for it! Some of my favorite memories include my very first show because I was able to overcome my anxiety to open for Pentagram, followed by playing at the House of Blues Orlando for my second show and being able to play on the same shows as Fair to Midland and Eluveitie since I’m a big fan of both of those bands.

IG: Wow! What a set of accomplishments during the beginning of your performance career. You must be immensely proud of yourself. Continuing on that music note, what was the last concert you saw?

RM: I saw Protest the Hero in November for their “Halloween is for Always” Tour! They were amazing, so if you’re a fan make sure to see them live!


IG: And if you could pick a song to play every time you entered the room, what would it be?

RM: Depending on my mood, I’d say if I’m feeling particularly spooky then “Dracula - The Beginning” from Bram Stoker’s Dracula Soundtrack, but if I’m hyped up then definitely “The Metal” by Tenacious D.

IG: Rock is in your blood. Speaking of blood, where would you call home?

RM: I moved around a bit, but the two places that have felt like home were Fayetteville NC, when I was a kid and Orlando FL, where I have been for the last 25 years.

IG: What are other favorite hobbies of yours?

RM: I love watching movies and shows with friends. I like to talk about them afterward and share my opinions and potential fan theories. I really enjoy listening to music and going to shows. And of course, hanging out with my rabbits!


IG: What’s something you feel everyone must do once in their life?

RM: Challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zone. That’s what the band was for me. I went from playing guitar alone in my bedroom, to learning new techniques to play bass in front of a crowd of 1500+ people.


IG: We might’ve found a new performer for one of our internal IG variety shows (interest permitting). What’s something you have always wanted to create?

RM: I started writing a D&D campaign set in the world of Brutal Legend. While I have played a good amount long ago, I have never been a DM, so I look forward to trying that out.


IG: You’ve got plenty of friends at the studio eager to endure your quest. What’s one place that you hope to see one day?

RM: Hmm, I would say in the US, I’d like to experience Colorado and the Pacific Northwest, as for as out of the country, Japan and Iceland are on my shortlist. I want to see the Northern Lights and experience completely different cultures. Iceland’s landscapes are just out of this world.


IG: What is one genre of games that you think is underrated?

RM: Metroidvanias, I love the Ori series and Castlevania/Bloodstained! I love the art, the music, the puzzles and the vibes are just right for me.

Solo image of Rick holding two rock hand sign gestures

IG: Spoken like a true IG employee, we all secretly love platformers. What movie have you seen more times than you can count?

RM: I have watched each of the first two original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action movies DOZENS of times and I still make sure to watch them at least once a year.


IG: What was your favorite movie that bombed?

RM: Dredd is underrated, and I wish we could get a sequel or even better, a streaming show. But only if Karl Urban returns!


IG: What’s the one superpower that you would like to have?

RM: The ability to heal others and myself.


IG: You get one wish. You can’t wish for more wishes. What do you wish for?

RM: I would wish for everyone to have more empathy and motivation to set aside their selfish tendencies to work together to solve the world's problems.

IG: That healer is being heard loud and clear. Given a time machine, which historical period would you like to experience first-hand?

RM: I would like to experience the 80’s as an adult and check out the hip hop, metal, and goth scenes. I’d pick up some first/historic issues of some of my favorite comics too.


IG: What fictional universe would you choose over our own? What if there was no coming back?

RM: The MCU, but only if I can bring everyone I know! If there was no coming back, I would never have left in the first place, in my current universe, I love too many people and my rabbits!


IG: There’s nothing like friends and family. Finally, if you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would you invite?

RM: Jack Black, and I’d like to write a song with him after dinner and pitch him my Brutal Legend sequel idea 😋


Sold! Jack, if you’re reading, Rick is accepting DMs on LinkedIn whenever you’re ready. Dinner is on IG.

Thank you for kicking off 2024 with our first interview, Rick. It feels awesome whenever we get the chance to highlight different members from our service teams and our development team. Hearing your story from one industry to another, then from one department to another, serves as inspiration to us all. Chase your interests and you’ll never know where you’re going to land.

We are currently hiring for Art, Engineering, and Production. If you throw your hat into the ring, you just might meet Rick himself! For more information and the specific roles we’re hiring for, click Careers at the top of this page. Best of luck and thanks for reading!