Our Commitment
Video Games are a product of the people who create them. We believe that diversity is essential to the success of companies like ours. Iron Galaxy is committed to improving our industry with inclusive development processes. This crucial initiative also improves representation in the final product, helping us to create worlds that are welcoming to all players.
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Highlighting Voices
Some of our people have shared their perspectives on our efforts to create a healthy, comfortable, and diverse work environment that allows everyone to thrive doing what they love. These are their stories.

Building An Inclusive Culture

Chelsea Highlighting Voices Image
"I feel honored that so many of our employees feel comfortable sharing this aspect of themselves with us as a company."

Chelsea Blasko stands by Iron Galaxy’s value of “picking up a shovel” — the idea that every employee’s work and voice contribute to the company. This applies to its open culture of shifting roles and opportunities, as well as its inclusive policies. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Blasko recognizes the power of intentional acts in establishing a DEIA-focused foundation. In that spirit, Iron Galaxy offers diversity scholarships at two universities, has established DEI protocols for processes such as resume and content reviews and trains managers to be coaches for personalized development.

Developing Games That Better Represent The Players

Rejess Highlighting Voices Image
"Research shows that diverse teams consistently outperform teams with less diversity."

Rejess Marshall is familiar with the DEIA problem in video games. “The industry has been scrutinized for lack of diverse hair options, leaving underrepresented groups struggling to create characters that look like their actual appearance,” she pointed out. An inclusive product is only possible with a diverse team, which is why Iron Galaxy’s ERGs are given a voice in the game development process, to ensure such components are integrated. New hires also go through touchpoints that reinforce the company’s position on inclusivity and belonging, including company-wide events and DEIA onboarding.

Cultivating Belonging Through Diverse Experiences

Keenan Highlighting Voices Image
"As someone who's mixed ethnicity-wise, I've had trouble sometimes connecting with certain cultures. Here, I am welcomed with open arms."

ERGs are a core aspect of Iron Galaxy’s DEIA policies, one that Keenan Moralicz appreciates as an active participant himself. He’s a member of both the Latinx and AAPI ERGs, and the events held by both organizations have enriched his sense of belonging. As a community manager, Moralicz’s also had the chance to interview fellow employees about their experiences — in and out of the gaming industry — for the company’s internal blog. What he found was a community of diverse perspectives he hasn’t found anywhere else.

We believe that diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility are the foundation of innovation, not an afterthought. This enables us to produce our best work. We’re working to become a leader in the gaming industry by evolving our approach to the issues that shape our culture.
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We aim to provide continuous and culturally relevant education as well as resources that lead to measurable action.
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We engage our internal and external partners to make actionable changes within our company and the video game industry.
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A key component of our work is proving our impact. We will do this by using data to analyze our key strategic initiatives to determine success.
Employee Resource Groups
Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at our company serve as supportive networks for various employee demographics, fostering a workplace culture that values diversity and inclusion. These groups are formed around shared characteristics or life experiences, such as gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or interests. Take a look at each of our ERGs and events hosted by them below.

ERG Events

International Women's Day Flyere
International Women's Day 2023
International Women's Day Dinner in Chicago
International Women's Day 2023
Group photo of Iron Galaxy Women
International Women's Day 2023
International Women's Day lunch in Chicago
International Women's Day 2023
DEIA Marvel's Movie Night - Chicago
DEIA Marvel's Movie Night - Orlando
Cafecito Event Flyer
Cafecito Time - September 2023
Cafecito event in Chicago
Cafecito 2023 - Chicago
Cafecito event in Orlando
Cafecito 2023 - Orlando
Cafecito event in Nashville
Cafecito 2023 - Nashville
Sujatha's Coffee Shop Flyer
Sujatha's Coffee Shop - May 2023
View of Sujatha's Coffee Shop in Chicago
Sujatha's Coffee Shop - Chicago
Sujatha hosting and Derrick assisting her
Sujatha's Coffee Shop - Chicago
View of Sujatha's Coffee Shop from Orlando
Sujatha's Coffee Shop - Orlando
AAPI Event Flyer
AAPI Day 2023
AAPI Day at Iron Galaxy Studios in Chicago
AAPI Day Lunch - Chicago
AAPI Day with employees eating in Chicago
AAPI Day Lunch - Chicago
Alesha wearing a traditional Chinese outfit called a Hanfu
AAPI Day - Orlando
Chaohao and employees wearing a traditional Chinese outfit called a Hanfu
AAPI Day - Orlando
Carlos wearing a traditional Chinese outfit called a Hanfu
AAPI Day - Orlando
Drag Queen Trivia Flyer
Drag Queen Trivia 2023
Drag Queen Trivia Introduction
Drag Queen Trivia 2023 - Orlando
Drag Queen Trivia Group Photo Orlando
Drag Queen Trivia 2023 - Orlando
Orlando Pride Group Photo
Pride Parade 2023 - Orlando
Orlando Pride Float
Pride Parade 2023 - Orlando
Iron Galaxy Chicago Pride 2023 Group Photo
Pride Parade 2023 - Chicago
Iron Galaxy Studios Chicago Pride 2023 Image 2
Pride Parade 2023 - Chicago
Iron Galaxy Chicago Parade 2023 Image 1
Pride Parade 2023 - Chicago
Press Start
This is our dedicated initiative that focuses on enhancing diversity in the video game development industry. This program shares knowledge and builds pathways for marginalized communities to attain a career in games. Press Start is a key part of our commitment to promoting a more inclusive and diverse gaming world.
Press Start with Iron Galaxy | Black History Month 2023
Press Start with Iron Galaxy | Women's History Month 2023
Press Start with Iron Galaxy | AAPI Heritage Month 2023
Press Start with Iron Galaxy | Pride Month 2023
Press Start with Iron Galaxy | Hispanic Heritage Month 2023
The ideals and values that guide our company are best exemplified by our people. We provide a platform for them to talk about the experiences that have shaped their lives and careers. These selections from our blog highlight our DEIA programs in action!

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